Decisions Decisions - Transitions in personal development

In partnership between Just the Business and the University of Dundee, I worked on a project to research and develop an interactive resource or “game” that would enable individuals to develop skills, knowledge and cope with life-changing situations such as redundancy or starting a business.  The project also aimed to identify appropriate target markets and contacts, provide costings for production and develop a marketing strategy. 

This involved: desk based research; 3 focus groups to find out people’s experiences of personal development; and development of the 'game' with the designer.
After a prototype was produced, focus groups were revisited and produced good practical ideas about how to improve the ‘game’.

Focus group comments:
“Makes you think about your life in more depth and can help you further develop where you may want to be in the future.”

“Hearing other peoples’ perspectives and opinions encouraged me to share my thoughts.”

“Gets you connecting and thinking deeply about who you are and where you want to be.”

“I think this game has great potential and could be a good tool to use to interact with groups.”

Decisions decisions - the objectives
How can it be used?
Theoretical reference points
Internal and external learning conditions (Illeris, 2007)
Experiential Learning (Kolb, 1984; Jarvis 2007)
Lifelong Learning as Technology of the Self (Tennant, 1998)
Learning styles (Honey and Mumford (1992)
Transformative Learning (Mezirow,1990)
Critical Reflection (Schon 1983; Brookfield,1991)
Action Learning (Revans, 1982)
Emotional Intelligence (Goleman,1996)
Multiple Intelligences (Gardner, 1999)
Solution Focused Approaches (Sharry, 2001)
Person Centred Approach (Rogers, 1986)
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Having worked with Lesley on a number of projects, I have the highest regard for her evaluation and educational development work. Lesley has an ability to evaluate wide ranging and disparate educational materials, distilling...

Colin Gray
eLearning Lecturer & Learning Technology Advisor, Edinburgh Napier University
Lesley is a very motivated professional who is undertaking high level participatory evaluation that seeks to empower. She is very reflective and reflexive, and has brought innovative ways of approaching her doctoral work.
Divya Jindal-Snape
Professor, University of Dundee (academic)

Lesley is one of the most inspirational of the trainers, managers and thought leaders I have worked with over more than 20 years in the learning & development field. She has a deep and wide understanding of people, of...

Nick McBain
Director, Clarity Coaching Scotland

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